Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy New Year!!!

Here we are on New Years Eve and what better time to do an analysis on 2013 and preview my hobbying ambitions for 2014. 

Firstly, hope you all had a great Christmas and Santa brought you all the stuff you wanted. For me, Malifaux Santa looked strangely like the postman, dropping in my Black Friday order on Christmas Eve. It was a birthday present from myself so I had no qualms about opening it as soon as it came through the door, so by about 9pm on Christmas Eve, I has assembled the two boxes I had ordered, Nicodem and Marcus. Both kits are very dynamic, even the ones that are meant to look static like Marcus have a sort of commanding aura around him. I did find that when I was putting the models together, most of them had small gaps around the joints, however this was probably due to my poor construction technique. Other than that, I am very impressed with the models, some of the best work Wyrd has done.

So, as for 2013, I had relatively successful one I think. At the end of 2012, I started to buy Gremlins and soon into 2013, I had roughly 50 stones of Gremlins built and painted ready for my first game with them. In this game, the Pigapult was more effective than in any other game I have used it, killing Molly. I then dipped my hands back into Ressurectionists and brought McMourning, who I think is my best painted models to date. I also on a whim brought the Viktorias and some other Outcasts. With the M2E beta I decided that I would use Ophilia for the duration and only printed out her cards. Due to limited play time I never really got to grips with her, but enjoyed it enough to not rage quit! I also attended my first tournament, Joelfaux, and managed not to lose all of my games! 

Now, for 2014, I have noticed a few hobby challenges flying about. One that caught my eye was paint more than you buy. Now I would find this challenge either really hard or really easy depending on your POV. If you count the Black Friday models as purchased 2013, then I would find it easy as I don’t have the money to buy models faster than I paint them. If you count them as 2014 I don’t have any models unpainted from 2013, so would struggle to paint more than I buy! Other things I am looking forward to are plastic releases of Gremlins, and its due! Like Wood Elves in Warhammer, apparently forgotten, though Gremlins are making much more noise about it than the elves! 

Right, I’m off now, enjoy new year and hope you enjoyed Christmas, bye!

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