Friday, 20 December 2013

The Battle of a Thousand Minions!

Right, Hello! Merry Christmas to all, or not if you don’t celebrate Pagan festivals of midwinter, but I’m not going to get into a theological debate right now because that would take a while. Its been two weeks since my last post, and I’d like to say lots has happened in my malifaux life, and quite a bit has! I have played 2 games of Malifaux down at the club, one against Joel’s Guild and the other against Ben Halfords undead army, and by army, I mean ARMY! So many models. 

 My game against Joel was his first with Guild and my less triumphant return to Ressurectionists, using, for the first time, McMourning. I won’t talk about Joels game plan, as he would do it a lot better, and it’s an unusual technique for Guild so I won’t give away its shock value for Isle of Faux. However, my play was even by my own standards poor. I never used McM in 1.5, so I had no idea of how he played, although I gather he has changed a lot since then. Basically, I assumed he needed a bubble, but I am not used to a bubble, so I sort of split the bubble up, which was not a good idea. I left stuff to get chopped up, and I forgot to bring Bête Noir out multiple times, so my biggest hitter wasn’t on the board until turn 3/4, and my Flesh Construct was trapped in a pinebox from turn 2. It was not a good game from my point of view, but Joel could easily break the trend of Guild not winning any tournaments. 

The most recent game I played was against Ben Halford. As he was using Ressurectionists, I hopped back to the Gremlins to prevent a Resser-off. The did result in an effect that made the game take considerable longer than expected, as I had picked a cheap, summoning Gremlin crew and he was using Nicodem. I spent the first turn advancing and Ben spent it summoning. I then brought up a Bayou Gremlin at the end of the turn, meaning that by the end of turn 1, we both had 15 activations. Ben was quickly burning through his stones to summon up some really nasty models! A Hanged, Punk Zombie, Flesh Construct, a load of Mindless Zombies and 50 stones of Ressers were up against 50 stones of Gremlins and a half dead Bayou Gremlin, it doesn’t sound good for me does it? However, the strategy was Squatters Rights and I was on the centre line at turn 2 while Ben was still on the back line. As his crew had a load more stones worth of models than me, once he had got to me I was screwed, but by the time this had happened, I had enough control of that area to keep near control of the area for the end of turn 5. We didn’t have enough time for a turn 6, which would have won Ben the game, so in the end it finished 7-5 to me. 

In other news, I have seen the new models as Joels Black Friday order arrived last week! Its so pretty! I may have to go and buy the new Nephalim even though I don’t play Neverborn, because the sprew is that good. Also, nice new small rule book, can’t wait for my order to get here, it has been posted so should be here soon.

Anyway, that’s all from me for 2013, have a good new year, don’t get too inebriated, see you on the other side!

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