Friday, 22 November 2013

A Post to Pass the Time

Right, 3rd blog post, here we go! At time of writing, I haven’t played a game this week so all quiet on the Bayou front. So to keep up make up the time, this week I’m going to go through the factions, give my opinions on them, explain why I will/wont play them. So without more mucking about, lets get stuck in!

The Guild: I actually played my first game of Malifaux with the Guild, Lady J. I obviously enjoyed it otherwise I wouldn’t have brought into it and hence wouldn’t be writing this now. However, it felt like the humans in most wargames do. I’m entering a world of Zombies, Nephalim, Swamp creatures, black magic ect. Why in this world would I choose to be human? It’s like going to Alton Towers and spending all the time in the gardens. It’s nice, but it’s not really why I went there, I’ve gone there to go on Nemisis, Thirteen, the Smiler, but I’ll stop talking about that, I could go on for hours. They’re good and solid, but feel a touch middle of the road, dull. I’m sure some of you are avid Guild players and won’t be appreciative of my analysis of them, but it’s how I see it. If I was to play them, I’d have to go with Perdita, just cause she is an Ophillia rip off and I like the feel of her from the fluff. 

The Ressurectionists: Ressers were the first crew to grab my eye when I started looking at Malifaux. To be more specific, Seamus. I just thought that he was infinitely cool, Jack the Ripper meets necromancy. Ok, so I’m not too keen on his belles, dead prostitutes just seemed a bit cheap, and I never really rated them in the game. But the rest of the faction easily makes up for it. Necropunks were my favourite model in the game in 1.5, cheap, get in the way, cause a nuisance and they were 3 of my favourite models to paint. Ressers were also such a cool idea, the slimy underbelly, lurking in the dark and cold ready to strike when the foe least expects it. That’s why they are cool, and up there with the green ones for my favourite faction.

The Arcanists: I’ve never really felt the draw of the arcanists. No particular reason why, they just never appealed to me. However, this all changed when I read the fluff in the M2E rulebook. That story is actually rather cool. I won’t spoil it for those of you who haven’t read it, but well worth the read. I will speak about the masters individually, seeing as there seems to be minimal connection between the 3 of them. Ramos is the token old genius, the like the teacher in a classroom, holding the rest of the MS&U workers together. However, I don’t like his crew, I mean spiders? He isn’t fighting Ron Weasley. Marcus, on the other hand, is brilliant! Every aspect of him is awesome! He still has the professor aspect, cause he is one! And unlike Ramos, Marcus has a cool crew! Giant beasts, little beasts, beasts, beast, beasts! He may well be the next master I get. I don’t rate Rasputina, although Ice creatures are a cool idea, I feel they need back up that I don’t think Raspy has, despite that I have been thumped by her multiple times.

The Neverborn: Neverborn are rather good aren’t they? Well, not the good guys, there are none, but they are the faction I least like to face. I don’t think I have ever beaten a Neverborn crew, but that may be because the local Neverborn expert is Joel, and he doesn’t lose, at least at the club! So, other than thinking they are over powered, what else do I think of them? They’re actually cool. Zoriada is an awesome idea, a Swamp Mistress with unknowable mental strength, and a soft spot for those top green guys! Pandora and Lilith are also pretty sweet, kick ass ladies who want those humans out of Malifaux, and heck do they know how to do it! Pretty cool strong and tough minions, great enforcers and amazing henchmen. I will get into this faction, I wish I could say otherwise, but they are purty!!!

The Outcasts: Supposedly the group of renegades who have no faction, yet seem to be more unified than the Arcanists. I really like them, their no nonsense, get stuck in and make stuff suffer approach. No fuss, little magic, just good with a blaster, and a sword! Viks are cool and embody this image perfectly, neither have much magic, one has a gun, one has good swords! Plus their crew isn’t half bad, Ronin have to be some of the best minions in the game, and the Viks have tonnes of cool enforcers. The Freikorps also embody this, just less staby staby, more pointy shooty. Would love to say I know about Tara, but no I have no clue! 

The Gremlins: So’eett! Ma Bro’s r da bestests guyses, wiv da biggest hats, kick’n sum butt! That was a fun sentence to write! I mean how can you not love Gremlins? The pure fun of them is obvious, who doesn’t like killing the toughest characters in the game by dropping bacon on their head? Or getting your favourite mozzy to go fart in their face? I mean that is just cool. Its easy to hate on Gremlins, saying they aren’t a real faction, but they have had a master since 1.1, unlike the Ten Thunders, which don’t seem to get any flack at all! Anyway, they’re cool, live with it. And like Neverborn, you will all be drawn into them!

Ten Thunders: *Everybody was Kung Fu fightingggg, HA!* Ninjas? Ok, part of me says that’s cool, very cool! Oriental is nice, but they have never drawn me in. They feel sort of cobbled together at the end of version 1 to give Wyrd something to release, albeit it stopped the game going stale, so actually was needed. I’ve had them on my list of things to buy, but other stuff has always forced its way in front of it. They just seem a bit meh to me. 

Anyway, that’s my post for this week, hope you enjoyed it, give me feedback via the usual channel, twitter, @Moderate_Matt .

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