Friday, 29 November 2013

Joelfaux Preview

Howdy yall, bin good week for all us down in t’ Bayou. If yer wonderin’ whats wit t’ querly acc’nt I be puttin’ on, I star’ed talkin’ like t’is durin’ recen’ stroll though Bayou, an findin’ it rather tricksy to be stoppin’. 

Just a taste of what was going on in my last game v Hutch, Som’er vs Collette. This was the first time I had played any models from Wave 2, and it caught me really off guard, not that I would have been on guard had I known exactly what I was facing. I just couldn’t deal with the scheme markers! I even took lots of gremlins and pigs to get rid of them but it didn’t work! Anyway, the game was Reckoning, against Collettes Maniquins, I didn’t stand much chance there! The schemes I took were Distract and Bodyguard on Lenny, with Hutch taking Distract and Bodyguard on Casandra. Distract was easy points for both of us, as neither of us could be bothered to remove them. Bodyguard was looking achievable on Lenny until he was targeted by the will power pin. Lenny has a brilliant will power, and when it is combined with a high total of Black Joker was a mighty 1 to try and protect itself, which kind of did him in. The final result was something like 7-3 to Hutch, but we spent the entire game talking in stupid accents and it has to have been one of the most enjoyable games of Malifaux I have ever played.

With Joelfaux coming up this weekend, I’m looking forward to my first Malifaux tournament. Not that I’ve not been to other events, but none of them have been a tournament. So, this should be interesting and fun! First of all, the venue. Newbridge is my old high school, so I think I can safely say, the stock of malifaux there is poor. Do not expect to be getting the new crews there! Secondly, yes this does mean I am unfortunate enough to come from Coalville, but I’ll grow out of it. Normally, I’m quite nervous about meeting new people, but I’ve only heard good things about the wider Malifaux community, so am not at all nervous about meeting you all! 

Now, my aims for the event. The main thing I want to get out of this event is a good time with good people, but that goes without saying. So, what do I want to achieve gaming wise? Well, lets start with the obvious, the only way I will win any prizes from this is the wooden spoon. But no one really goes to an event with the aim to lose all of their games! A successful event in terms of winning games would be winning 2 and losing 1, if I pick my crew well and don’t make mistakes that I haven’t been avoiding in warm up games. Realistically, I can think I can get 1 win, I think I can get the crew right once every 3! I would quite like to use all 3 of the Gremlin masters that have models out at some point. If it looks like I need to use say Zoriada or Som’er twice, I will do! Notice lack of Orphila in there as the one to use twice, I’ve just not been using her as much as the others, plus I think she’s rather 1 dimensional. 

Well, this one has been a rather short post, but its been mainly a preview rather than a review. I’ll do a long one next week! See some of you on Sunday!

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